Saturday, January 31, 2015

'It's Complicated'

In a country where opportunities to find love are limitless, where you can meet and date anybody from any corner of the world, Dubai is Pandora's box of dangerous love affairs.

Last night I had a epiphany of the meaning of two words: 'it's complicated'.
I met a special someone who's first perception seemed to be beyond perfection, but to my surprise those two words change my whole idea about him. I never thought in a 1000 years how complicated a situation could be until he said: I am 30 single ready to mingle, but I am a widower.
A shocking statement to my surprise. Not only I did not know how to behave after that, but everything I said or did made me think it may remind him of his current situation.

Therefore, I caught myself thinking how long are we willing to wait, until love eventually dies and stops knocking on our door? Between life and death, we will look back one day and hopefully we wont regret, the things we didn't say and the actions we didn't take. 
But are we waiting too long until love eventually dies on us?
Someone once wisely said "There are 5 simple rules to happiness: free your heart from hatred. Free your mind from worries. Live simply. Give more and expect less".
Nevertheless, why should we give up on love? when one door closes another one always opens.
So why should we hopelessly shut our doors down and think there is simply nothing good out there? 

We have all been hurt, our hearts have all been broken and we all have something to leave behind and look forward to. So we may act defensibly to avoid getting hurt, but the key lies on your own priorities.
Being in love or infatuated, does not mean one's priorities should go down the hill. You should always be the first, your happiness should be your daily euphoria and whoever is lucky enough to share it with you, should always embrace it and appreciate it.

Therefore, 'If you cannot change the situation, learn to see it differently. If you can't change people, learn to understand them better'.

'Those Wicked Games We Play'

Those wicked games we play. Wicked games we play for love.
Such fools we are for what we wish for, when anything can be and anything can happen.
Life is a path of unpredictability and love will always be something no one can ever explain, but rather feel and live for. But when do you draw the line between love and infatuation?

I caught myself thinking about the sacrifices we frequently make for 'love' to have and keep what is unattainable. The hunger for what one can't have 'the fobbiden fruit of desire'.
Those unfufilled desires that drive us nuts and passionate for life, where we risk it all, with no regrets at all. And the fear and risk of loss, the passion and desire, all for a ceaseless love.

And from time to time, we are drawned into the past, hunted by our memories wishing for those that we once hold on to, to come back and those memories once more to become a present reality.
Why do we often desire for the past to be our present as the future passes right infront of us?
When it comes to love, how often do we tend to think and retrace the course of our relationships, always over analyzing  what could have been said and done?

We need to learn to swim out of the dark whole of the what if's, before we miss out on the opportunities of the present. I belive in love, as a state of mind where you draw your ideas outside the line. 
Don't play it safe, play it kind be yourself and you shall find.

Monday, January 26, 2015

'An Owe To Myself'

'I still got sand in my shoes, and I can't seem to shake the thought of you'
Infatuated, hunted by the moments we once shared, I can't seem to remember to forget you.
As the days pass by, your face slowly fades away, but your presence somehow still remains.

I found myself caught up in the thought of 'what if', wondering what went wrong why you went away. The fear of facing a warm embrace, reflected on your words in denial, your long overdue distance and empty space. You hold on to your pain, in your walls it still remains; reminding yourself not to go through that again; it blinds you from those who may have still remained.

Letting go of your past, is the hardest part in this case. But though distance in time you will find what others couldn't give you and appreciate what you couldn't see and embrace.
In your eyes I could see the doubt the fear of getting hurt again.
Self defensive, regretful and overly careful.
Boy oh boy, if only if only we could have known, how to get lost in each other's warm embrace.

No attachment, that is what we misplaced as our emotions took over and the inevitable made us this way. The thoughts of what ifs will forever remain.
It was a pleasure to have met you, your memory never in disgrace and the lessons your tough me this way, I can never repay.
Thank you for making my skin a little bit thicker, myself a little but wiser. You made me stronger.
Therefore, I owe to myself to never regret, to not take back steps and to always look back at you as as a lesson I'll never forget.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

'The Awfully Familiar Truth'

I found myself thinking the other day, why is it that we always want is unattainable?We seem to love being challenged to what is hard to reach out for. Our sourroundings tell us no, while our mind is yelling yes.
We feel determined and highly motivated to achive what we cant have; to swim against the current until we hit bottom ground and sometimes that is when our expectations are no longer what we where looking for. And at that point, that is what I call 'the ugly truth'.

When it comes to relationships and reality shows its true colors, nothing is as good as it seemed, therefore we realize for what was it all worth? 
So I wondered is it a lack of determination, passion for life or a simple fear of aproaching the unknown? that leads us to become so difficult to be attainable and at the same time too available to those who dont want to be attained. 

Both men and woman have somehow gotten lost in transition and we have lost our determination to find the one. The one true love to spend the rest of your life with. I may sound naiive but I belive there are different kinds of love in this world, and the only way to attain those is to reach out to them.
Therefore we should live fearless, free and willing to have a taste the unknown. Open to new experiences and willing to learn from each other.
Life has its ways of teaching us how to achive what we least expect.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

'The Dangerous Love Affair'

In a city of millions, everyone in Dubai has their own love story, from first love to love denied, to everlasting love and everything in between.
In the crib of amusement and success, love can be found but it can also be withheld. Many are willing to open up to the idea of falling in love all over again, betting all cards on their table and sometimes all eggs on one basket; those tend risk it all with no regrets at all, passionetley look forward to what might come next. As others rather take back steps and tend to keep it all safe in their pockets.

So I found myself wondering, just when you have finally picked up the pieces left behind form your last heart break and you hopelessly give love another chance, how many times are we willing to put ourselves out there and open up to someone new?
Do we constantly fall for the same kind or another one who might just bite the dust?

What is it about love that terrifies us to the core, where we get to a point of running a way without further explanation. Is it really that we are so scared to face what may happen if we give in too deep? or is it simply that we prefer standing on the safe side of our comfort zone.
How often do we take a chance to experience something new, someone different?

Change is constantly taught of as a warning, instead of an embrace for something better, something new, an opportunity for a positive outcome.
Someone once said 'at the end you will only regret the chances you didn't take, the things you didn't say and the actions your didn't stand for'.
I believe the past gives us the strength and wisdom to face our present, it builds up who you are today. Therefore, we should be thankful and embrace every experience, learn from it and look forward to what the future might bring.

Imagine what will it be of life, if our path would always be predictable.
Therefore be odd, be weird, be different, be careless and most of all be proud of who you are stand up for yourself with dignity and don't be afraid. At the end only your happiness and satisfaction will matter and those who you share it with, will be the lucky one's who appreciate it enough to be part of it.

Remember this, 'your life is yours, and yours alone' live it, love it and embrace it. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

'2015 New Year's Resolutions'

To be or not to be? that is the question...
A new year, a new beginning, new opportunities, new expectations and new perspectives. As the very first days of 2015 passed me by, I caught myself thinking, how much of a fresh start can we make in our new way to encounter, how far can we leave the trace of our past behind?

The year of 'closing circles' I though to myself, in order to create a clean blank slate, you must fist let go of what is holding you back to your past. Bad and old habits, ex-relationships, bad experiences, unreliable friends, unhealthy lifestyle, etc.
We constantly think of a new year, as a reboot as a new chance to make once more things right.
But how far do we stick to our promises? do we make of our resolutions a proposition or a done deal?
Someone once said to me, 'unless you close one door your won't be able to see another one opening.' So I wondered, do we miss out on opportunities for focusing our energies and efforts on what is not worth our time? When do we draw the line between our standards and what we require?

Throughout my experience on dating in Dubai, I have found so intriguing and amusing how a man's mindset can work. In a city of wonders and high expectations, we all think we can be and have better, satisfaction becomes a momentary matter of seconds, like an ADD where once you may think you are satisfied with something or someone, you turn the other cheek to check out the rest of your options on the table. If your head is nodding right now, you know that is true.
Just like women change their underwear, men change their mind. From relationship views, to short term and long term goals, jobs, girlfriends/boyfriends, friends and even taste of food.
When do men ever know what they want?
I have heard men can be fairly simple, but from my personal experience I have been faced with a couple of drama queens you don't want to mess with, lol. Since when have men become so complicated? When have we desmasculated men to the point of self-obssesion and narcism? has society become too demanding towards our gender differences?

In a country like the UAE and a cosmopolitan city like Dubai, being a single working individual is viewed as more than common and normal, but in terms of self-development it can be either self-fulfilling or a weapon of self-destruction.
As an individual, one has to learn to stand up for yourself in order to survive in a judgmental society, you must know your value, standards and self-respect, in order to demand from other's what you expect. As someone once said 'only those who are stable with themselves, can be well with others', so I encourage all my readers out there, let this be the year to find your self-fulfillment, to find your center and balance and believe in the realization that there is only you but no one else like you.

I wish you all a happy new year, may all the good and bad experiences of this 2015 build you up to become a better person, the person you desire to become.