Saturday, July 27, 2013

"The crave for social/self-acceptance"

So have you ever stopped and wondered, why is it that in a limitless world where we can have it all, we are always seeking for everyone else's approval?
What we wear, what we eat, the way we talk, the way we stand up, even the way even some hold their cigaret. We are human beings in constant social/self acceptance.
I have been amazed throughout my years in Dubai, how people drastically change for money, cars, brands, or even tables at clubs. We all seem to become slaves to materialism to the point of forgetting who we are, where we come from, what we are here for.
So then I wonder is Dubai all about showing off? I wouldn't entirely think so.
There is such material culture of "having and being the best of the best"; after all what defines Dubai is a competitiveness of the biggest, the best and the only one. But in a way all of our differences not only bring us all together in one place, but they make us unique in our own way. So why is it that we keep trying so hard to stand out in a crowd? and we keep wearing neon colors, short skirts and 9 inch high heels? We are sadly constantly trying our best, to be the best of the best.
When feeling good in your own skin should be the key for a self-happiness.
So for once lets stop and learn to enjoy our own personal uniqueness, lets make a difference with our own culture, language and knowledge, that differentiates us from everyone else; lets share our own self attributes! and for once, lets leave all the capitalist contribution on the side, and stop comparing what we want to that we can't have.
As selfish as this might sound, the admiration to one's own self, for once will make us realize what we always seem to forget: Hey there is no other like me!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"The grass is always greener on a PINK Dubai"

From the tallest building in the world, to the world's first seven star hotel. From sand dunes to snow slopes inside a mall; in Dubai we live a daily amusement of the unusual and unexpected. 
After four years and a half of living my own personal Dubai experience, I cant help but learn on a daily basis more every day about its multicultural environment, and from the perspective of a single 23 year old Guatemalan girl. You can imagine the cultural contrast?!
But no it is not at all as bad as you can imagine. I have never been so proud to put my country's name as my one great differentiation among many others. It is almost as if I carry Guatemala with me on a daily basis, when people ask me oooh Guatemala! where is that? LOL!
It is almost a sense of belonging from a unknown wild forest country, but well can't blame anyone after all I am in the Middle East!
And so in a country where the grass always seems to be greener on the other side, where everything seems to be the land of opportunities, and money leaks from oil pipes.
I always seem to wonder are we really living on a PINK Dubai?
Is this the place where you can truly find happiness?
If so, then how come people are always in constant transition?
As much as I truly love Dubai and my true sense of belonging, I always seem to wonder could this forever? am I here to stay? or am I just one more soon to go away?
Well I truly hope I don't! Cause I sure have lots to achieve ahead of me!
And so with this I lead you on, to experience Dubai and much more, through the words on my blog, with limits, no regrets and no taking back steps.