Sunday, October 19, 2014

'Social Communication has Gone Mainstream'

What happened to those good old days, when approaching a girl to say hello and ask for her number was considered OK? Its OFFICIAL, communication has gone mainstream!
This days with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and let's not forget Tinder, communication has become YES easier but can we state for the better?

Let's catfish the truth, I have asked several of my girlfriends and we could all not help but wonder, why is it that guys this days look and don't approach? even when they are clearly showing signs of interests. And then you have apps like Tinder where it is just oh so easy to break the ice with a 'hey baby you look so sexy' kinda line, LOL seriously? lets face it 99% of men wouldn't have the gutts to open a conversation like that face to face. 
So we came to the realization that, besides how easy and simple Social Media this days may facilitate our lives, to the point of determining who will be our next date on the line, it has in so many way's changed the natural, humane and traditional social communication. 
Guys no longer approach but instead they rather swipe right. Apps like Tinder have open a world of unrealistic expectations to both men and woman, who tend to think they have the world on a swipe of their fingers.

For example, ladies have you realized when we go to a bar, a club or even sometimes a restaurant, it's all eyes and faces, gestures but no words, in fact most of the guys are on their phones texting, probably trying to catfish the girl besides them on Tinder. Have we seriously gotten to this point?
And what about the whole pretentious loooong endless conversations, when face to face both men and women turn out to be something else? Gentlemen, it may be easy to lie on a chat room, but you can't lie about you height, accent, nationality and even size for that matter. All that chatty talk, just flushes down the toilet on the very first seconds of our very first impression. Although, I do have to admit some times for the better others for the worst. 

So here is a little tip for all of you single bachelors and bachelorettes out there 'this Tinder syndrome has got to stop' we either learn how to use it, or we might as well call it a sex app, YES you read it. 
Most of us are tired of being treated as tenderloin on a butcher's shop, being judged as easy just because we are on Tinder; FYI it is meant to be a social app to meet people, not to arrange your next one night stand.
So let's to take matters into our own hands, set your standards straight, don't lower your boundaries, believe me if a guy or a girl likes you he or she will move mountains to get to know you.
And no matter how annoying is that little voice inside of you, learn to control it, you are not alone and YES there are plenty of 'fish in the sea' if you don't believe me then just swipe right!

Dedicated to all my single ladies out there, don't despair 'monogamist may have not gone mainstream just yet, but who said is impossible, when the word itself says Im-possible.'

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

'Angels on The Moon'

"Don't wake me 'cause I'm dreaming of angels on the moon, where everyone you know, never leaves too soon."
I dream of you as I am laying, I dream of saying goodbye, and I wonder is this our final and last farewell? Ancious by the feeling of getting away, am I leaving to soon? leaving all behind, our memories, our home, our life. 
I tell myself a new beggining approaches, I can begin to see the silver lining.

"Do you know, that every day's the first, of the rest of our lives?"
Confused I keep reminding myself I dont need to understand, I just need to accept with no regrets, no taking back steps. 
I try to not look behind, as I now know there is someone else, and you seek for a new opportunity. It is you, this new kind of you, who gets to be and try new chances in life; opportunities that may have pass you by, second chances to a new life, a new begining, a new reality.

Five years of my life, packed up in carton boxes, all our memories left behind, who would have though 3 months behind I would have been the one saying goodbye.
I guess trully all good things come to and end, is this the last of our goodbyes?

"You can tell me all your thoughts, about the stars that fill polluted skies and show me where you run to, when no one's left to take your side. But don't tell me where the road ends 'cause I just don't wanna know, no I don't wanna know"

Inspirational Source: Thriving Ivory-Angels On The Moon

"I rather live in a dream than a blurred reality"..

Time stands still, as sweat drips down my neck and I lay down under the AC at 40°.
I cought myself thinking as time suddenly stops and the sleepless city seems so quiet. Its the first days of the coming summer, the heat of the desert melts what is left of my thoughts tonight.
Dare to dream big, love unconditionally and give without expecting, resonates in my head. To live life with regrets, is like living and taking every back step. Got to take each opportunity as if it was the last one and make of each day as if there was no tomorrow. No matter the circumsatances to follow your instinct, listen to your reason and don't silence your heart.

As I sit looking out on my window, I think of you once again, of how much I could have said and done but now it is all gone. 
I have no regrets, no taking back steps.
I now belong to the present and im open to what the future has to offer, because I rather live in my own dream than a blurred reality.

My dream of life and high expectations, where I might be disappointed at times, but at least satisfied that I tried, that I killed the what if? forever.
What if I could have done this, or could have said that, or be who I am not?
Today is today because yesterday was meant to be the way it was, and tomorrow will be another endless day of probabilities. That is life a blurred reality and we live inside our psychedelic dreams.