Monday, August 11, 2014

"LIVN The Truth About Tinder in Dubai"

"Don't judge the book by its cover, Tinder does it for you"
I came up with this phrase not long ago, when after four years my life took a rough turn and welcomed me back to the single life. I became a newbie on Tinder.

My expectations where quite amusing at the very beginning, swiping from picture to picture, I realized Tinder is like an endless catalog of men in Dubai. From age rate, worldwide nationalities, and even close distance and common interests, you can find whatever comes to mind that you may be looking for, but only if you get lucky enough to have a nice profile picture for them to like you back. LOL, seriously for some it is beyond despair.

I found it so strange, but lets be honest at some point when you find candy man it becomes quite addictive. And I am sure is the other way around with the lady hunters.
But the truth is after a few weeks, I wondered is this really what I am looking for? Yes, of course I don't mind meeting new prospective guys around Dubai, but is this the right way? Is it fair enough?
Neither girls or guys get a fair chance if they get unlucky enough to have a profile picture with their baby nephews or nieces, cats or dogs, or even a blurry bad angled picture; they are only a finger swipe away, from getting rejected.

Truth be told, I find it so interesting how Tinder it is actually not far from reality, I mean don't get me wrong, we all judge by first impressions at some point right? But then I wonder, what happened to the good old days where men and women would build up a relationship based on common friends, friends of the family, common interests, or simply accidentally bumping each others carts at the supermarket. Have we revolutionized our dating habits? Have we made them easier or simply more complicated? That is the question.

I have tend to notice that sadly, applications like Tinder, Facebook, Instagram have built lives based on a virtual "reality". A reality with filters, hashtags, NOPES, LIKES and even fake profiles, meaning the person on the other side is someone completely different, by all matters of what that may intend. Both men and woman have lost part of their day to day communications skills because of Social Media, instead of saying it they rather Whatsapp it. We no longer speak but we text, we no longer share but we Instagram, and we have gotten to the point to not even bother to put ourselves out there to meet the right person, but instead judge by first impressions on Tinder.
We have lost a big part of the natural human touch and social reality.

Mistake #1: Taking the shortest way to get to the end.
"In life nothing good comes easily"
So truth to be told, unless you have a thick skin and you are willing to meet through Tinder, anyone who 99% of the time may have the wrong intention towards you, because they find you SX attractive, be my guest. After all you never know you may actually make good Tinder friends, hopefully without benefits, LOL.

I conclude my debate by saying, Tinder is a great social tool in Dubai, in fact some would even refer to it as a jewel to social and dating success; as long as the typical one night-stand app stereotype, is not mislead then good relationships can actually be built out of two complete strangers, who you never know at the end of the day may end up more than liking each other.