Monday, October 7, 2013

"Epiphany of the Undisclosed Desires"

In a moment of sudden revelation, I got lost in my thoughts and realize that in a world of constant consumption, not are we ever satisfied with what we have, had nor what we ever wanted. Satisfaction is unfortunately always temporary.
Living in a material world where we all eventually become material girls, as Madonna would say; one can never tell their secretive desires. We shush our hopes for what we wish we had possession of, because we know that less is more, but no matter what or under any circumstances, we always want more. Food, cars, clothes, shoes, bags, accessories one can never have enough; so it makes me wonder, when is it really enough? where do we draw the line between ok and ok that's too much? and who gets a saying on this?
The reason why I call these our undisclosed desires, is because we decide to shush them aware of the fact that others may not have the same opportunity to enjoy them as much as we do. Or maybe simply because we know it is a financial situation that we shouldn't be getting our credit cards involved in. LOL!
But when it comes to a privileged wealth, the truth of the matter is in a country like the United Arab Emirates, where the abundance of wealth and constant eye tempting treats are limitless; there is no one to blame, but to enjoy what good comes along with hard work and privileged inheritance.
Although unfortunately sometimes, when we get lost in our guilty pleasures, we tend to forget the true meaning in life. What use is there in wealth if you cant shear it with your love ones? We tend to forget that life, is not all about making the green paper ones, after all you may need them but you only live once, and the one thing money can't afford is happiness.
Disclose your momentary satisfaction, live every moment in life, live those moments money can't afford, before you wish you could take it back; appreciate what you have not just material wise, and be aware of the great blessings that surround you, one day you'll realize you are just as lucky as those you always seem to look up to.

Friday, October 4, 2013

"Dubai from the eyes of a third world country"

It is inevitable not to be astonished by all those things that one thought of as impossible, and can only  be seen once you step into the desert sands of Dubai. From white sandy crystal clear beaches, to multicolored sand dunes, and a snow slope inside a mall, all in one same place at the same time. Dubai has it all from the tallest tower, to the largest mall and the biggest dancing fountain. Dubai in a nutch is every country envious sudden rapid success.
In a deserted Gulf country, with high heat temperatures and humid hot weather; the climate circumstances have never stop man from doing the impossible, possible. I guess we can say money, can really move mountains.
After just a month, a few weeks or even days of leaving the country, we may all become desentizised to the biggest, the best and the greatest attributes of the UAE. But once you face the comeback from the outsideworld, reality taps you once more on the shoulder, reminding you "this is not something you see everyday"; for example travelling on the best, largest and most luxurious airline in the world, landing on the largest airport terminal, going down the biggest elevators, or taking a Mercedes, BMW or Rolls Royce taxi. From the moment you step out in Dubai land, it all becomes the biggest, the greatest and the best of the best.
It is inevitable not to compare (to not say being envious), contrasting the enormous success and development of just one of the seven Emirates, to one's own entire native country; and wonder how things could be so different, if one could only make a change, and make the difference.
From the perspective of a third world country, there is always space for improvement. But the will for change is the key to the door of success. Change is always something feared to face, but it is the leap of faith to a new encounter in life.
So then I wonder if one's success, other's misery or road down the slope?
To my state of mind a personal aim for a goal, may lead to others misfortune, but that misfortune should be one's own fortune to opportunity. Life after all is as they say, the survival of the fittest.
And sometimes, when such opportunities that we pursue in life, we take them for granted, when we simply lay back and selfishly forget to appreciate all that greatly surrounds us. One should always seek for knowledge and be thirsty for the greatest and the best of the best; as we tend to sometimes think of happiness and satisfaction, as conformability, which eventually becomes another way of mediocracy.
Satisfied happiness should be instead, the stage of peace and rest after the battle of seek to success.