Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Three Meters Above The Sky"

Three meters above the sky, no matter how hard you try, you will never feel or live the same moment twice.
We tend to look back in time and wish for those moments that took our breath away in life, to come back to us as clear as our memories. But life itself takes us to where we are today. Life builds us and molds us accordingly to whom we are ment to be and become.
Moments that are born from the heart, gone in split of a second as flashbacks in our minds, memories that become and we wish to live twice. We will learn to love and love again, but it will never be the same kind of love, one that fufills you makes you feel whole, and happiness will be our biggest challenge to pursue in life.

They say live every moment as if it was the last one, appreciate each and every part of your present, and stop looking back and being ancious about the future. It is the present that defines who we are, every moment, decision and our future outcomes.
It is up to you and I, to live the present and make of today a memorable experience.
And so we live and we die, and all that will be remembered is what we gave, who we where and what we did for other's and ourselves. Learn to give, without expecting. Love without boundaries. And learn with hunger to feed your curiosity.

Then you will create remarkable moments that will take you "three meters above the sky", living life without boundaries, experiencing everything that feeds our curiosity, learning from the wise experienced and being who you want to be, careless of anyone's opinion might be. 
"After all there is only one like you, you are unique, you are individual, you are one of a kind". 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Is Dating in Dubai Easier Than Saying Goodbye..?"

An unexpected emancipation was brought upon my life, after more than 4 years in a relationship I've found myself single again, advising other desperate girls not to make the same mistakes.
It is not easy to fall once and get fooled, but fall twice that ain't nice.
Let me tell you, as I started my journey once more as a single lady in the city of lights; I found myself thinking what is it that men really want? that million dollar question. But a particular query when it comes to single bachelors in Dubai.
It seems women are being taken as merchandise over a one night stand Tinder message. So I wondered is it because we have lower our standards or we simply deliver the silver platter too easily? Is it really our fault or are simply all man sport fishing and ignoring the keepers, that eventually end up becoming desperate fish?
Yes, I know they say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but when are there too many, or too much?

Heads up "gentleman" here drops the bomb of truth straight talk, no chaser.
Women are starting to learn to act like a lady and think like a man, don't be surprised after we decided to move forward and suddenly you've realized you've lost the trail of the train.
In a multicultural city like Dubai, both men and woman have the privilege of dating anyone form any age, nationality, religion, language, culture and more.
We are blessed with diversity, but is this really a privilege or a down side of dating?
Many have stated the initial sparks that light up the fire in a relationship, are beyond any other emotion. They say when you meet someone so different it makes you somehow infatuated, you become a fascination to each other at a point that differences is what brings and holds them together. You learn from each other's languages, multicultural differences it becomes a somehow passion of interests. But how far can this go?
Can eventually this differences come in between when it comes to compromise? marriage? children? living together or building up a household? 
It's is not easy neither a piece of cake, to build a household where the language is not even something you both have in common. When it comes to arguments you can't even express that eagerness as clear as you wish you could; because emotions scream inside of you in your own language, but your head is taking it's time to translate. We get lost in translation.
It is simply not that easy, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

We all like to bake our cake and eat it too.
But can some things be more powerful than love, to the point of loving someone ever so deeply, that difference no longer matter, but you simply can't be together? Just because you can't be with that person, does it mean you don't love them anymore? 
God may know the answer to this question, for all I know is that for love, we give it all. Some of us our family, other's our friends, we leave our countries and give our backs to the past. But we never forget who we are, no matter how far we go, we will always be ourselves, even if a small part of us changes for others. At the end of the day, we all are product of the past and the present, in this journey of self-encounter.

So all my single/taken or even married ladies out there, this one is for you.
Always keep in mind it is not that easy to date and find love in the city, but it is easier to keep truth to yourself and never forget who you are, as you give your all for love. 
Be with the one who loves you for who you are, and cherish every aspect of your personality. Embrace your self-awareness, recognize your inner and outer beauty.
Emancipate into the woman you want to be!
BE who YOU want to BE careless of what anyone thinks about!
LIVE life as you want and wish to, no matter how hard or rough the path may get, rock your boat till you get to safe land and remember to learn from every step you take.

"Let your life be history, not just something memorable"