Monday, January 27, 2014

To Buy or to Rent that Louis, that Gucci, that Prada..?

To buy or to rent, that is the question.

Weather it is your Prada, Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli or your own shared apartment, studio, or even villa, when it comes to retail you buy you don't rent.   
But in a destination like Dubai, better known as the city of lights and global empire of opportunities; a place of constant change and transitional development, whereas one may come with the plan of staying for just a couple of months or years and double your earnings. Next thing you know you have brought you entire extent family to move out here.
So, when it comes to paying your rent there may be several factors that come in mind in terms of  size, rooms, location, nearby transportation, recreational areas, etc. But when it comes to creating a long-term investment, buying your own property is without a doubt the best decision you could ever make.
As Dubai’s economy is in constant growth so is its landscape, and the more the merrier. This means more jobs, more allocations needed and a higher rent and personal income. 
So furthermore, as skyscrapers keep going higher and villas are built bigger; as the Burj Khalifa the sky is the limit when it comes to finding the appropriate property that suites your personal requirements better.
Picture yourself living in a man made island shaped like a palm tree, or in front of the world’s largest tower, mall and fountain; or how about the sea view of the Arabian gulf and the world’s only seven start hotel. There is no doubt Dubai has got it all and more beyond your imagination.
Investing in a Dubai property, is beyond comparison not only an investment in your future but the future of your generations.

Just like that Louis, that Gucci and that Prada the older the better, Vintage has always a higher value, invest on your future generations.