Monday, March 28, 2016

'The Ageless Maturity'

They say never kiss and tell. I say put it on paper! Therefore I write as I recall. 

As someone wise once said, age is no garantee of maturity, and as so many assume and so little do they know, 'those who reach a state of self-fufillment are those who live a rejoice in change'. 

In a world of endless possibilities never had I thought I would become one who would dare to date men up to 10 years older. An unexpected experience once knocked at my door and that like many others has self-taught me to embrace who I am; without pretending to be or become someone 'socially acceptable' or up to someone else's expectations.

Because 'Hey! They say our youth will fade away, we're young and wild if only for today!'

Therefore I said to myself c'est la vie, you only live once might as well make it worth it. 
And like a kid on the water, I jumped straight in no doubts, no regrets, no taking back steps. 
From the moment we met to the point that we set, we enjoyed every experience like there was no tomorrow. Carelessly we accepted each others differences and laughed at our similarities as we walked step by step. 

Like a roller coaster ride we had our ups and downs but one thing was sure, I remained to my true self. Regardless of who I am or where I come from or what I believe and stand for; appreciation, the essence of who I am as a person was kept as a depiction of myself; and that ladies and gentleman, should be the base of all relationships. Keeping to one's self authenticity and truth. 
But when that's not the case, thats when you know it's time to leave and fade away.

Someone once told me, 'men are like canvas, so white and clean like a brand new slate, that once a brush caresses its surface they slowly show their true colors.' 

Ever so frequently have I heard from friends and foes and even experienced myself in vain, the so called 'ghosting away', and I can't help but wonder, have we really gone this way?
Do we no longer deserve a verbalized explanation as to why the lack of interest and promises in vain? Sudden change or unpredictable mood swings? 

Relationships this days have for ever changed. Both the male and female roles in a relationship, disregarding equality has made men to no longer wear the pants, but 'pantie hoes' instead; that hold their egos so high up to cloud 9.
Both men and women have gotta turn it down a little and put both feet back on the ground. 
We are trying to live in a world beyond expectations. Where what we expect from that significant other is so Hollywood we would not even achieve it ourselves, so why put this pressure we can't even abstain?

Therefore I say 'change may be inevitable, but growth is optional'.
Embrace the beauty of change and grow as you choose to be who you want to become.