Friday, December 13, 2013

"Individual Seek of Affection"

Belive in the eyes of the beholder, a wise person once said.
Dubai, the paradise of wealth oportunity and monetary happiness.
A place where we can have it all, in the blink of an eye; where we have come to fufill our dreams, seek for our purpose in life and find our way to happiness.
Dubai, has become to everyone of us our little hunted treasure of undisclosed desires, where there is so much to give and take, that unfortunately satisfaction becomes momentary situation.
Some of us drawn ourselves seeking for monetary satisfaction, where as Burj Khalifa the sky is the limit; while others desperetley seek for love and affection.
In a place where individualism and lonleyness come together almost hand in hand.
It has been unfortunate to realize that as everything comes to us so easily, we seem to fall into the thought that seeking for love is as easy as getting a pair of Loubitans at the mall, a drink at the bar or a dance at the club.
I always wonder if those who seek do ever wonder, if these are the places to find that one person, who may complete you, satisfy you and make you whole in all ways and matters?
Once someone told me the more you seek you will never find, love surprises you in the most unexpected moments in life and that is when you rejoice the most.
And the end isnt that what life is all about? A surpising journey, where every step we take moves us foward to our purpose; whereas sometimes we may feel desperate.
"Patience is the key to happiness" Confusious, once said.