Friday, May 9, 2014

"The Female Transcendence"

I would like to to dedicate this to my mother, who gave me life, raised me and made me the empowered woman that I am today. You have guide me to find my life self-determination.
I hope one day, I get to be at least half of the woman that you are today.

I once heard... women are meant to procreate, give birth, raise children, attend their husband and maintain a household. Education, a career and a profession are all secondary options on the silver tray. NO, this is not today or the future to transcend.

LIVN in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has given me the privilege to become who I want to be, to dream and aspire beyond my imagination, and to challenge myself to try beyond my limitations.
Today I have the privilege, to be among other women a self-determined believer. A female who acts beyond words, and proves wrong those who disbelief in my own capabilities.

Being in the Arab world, has open my eyes to decades of social change, where women are no longer oppressed of self-expression, education, profession and much more, to certain degree; everything that makes us so outstanding, and at the same time so similar to the opposite sex.
Call me a feminist if that is what you want, the typical misconception of women against men.
Well that would be incorrect, as I believe without men, the existence of women would never be as complete; men complement women in all ways and matters of characteristics, and traits that we lack as individuals, and men rejoice by nature.

I stand for the equality among genders; as we all are as human, as intelligent and as physically and mentally capable human beings. So we deserve to be treated as such.

"Our differences are only visually appealing to those who try to stand out among the rest of us."