Tuesday, August 11, 2015

'Only Fools Rush In'

Dedicated to all hopeless romantics out there who like me, still believe in genuine, true and limitless love. 
Despite the distractions, the societal paradigms that limit us to be who we are, transparent with no fear, no limits and no regrets; there is still that one big part of us who is desperately waiting to blow in emotional sentiment. So why do we limit ourselves to feel, to express, to say what we want? 

In a city like Dubai where time flies by and everything is said and done in a split of a second, relationships can be an express-way to disaster. The faster it starts, the faster ends. So why rush down the railway?
They say 'don't chase the rabbit down the rabbit hole' because you know it will be gone, before you know it.

Therefore, why have we lost the essence of relationships, of having our daily companion, with whom we can transparently be who we are, no pretentiousness? We have become so damn obsessed with the social expectancies of what a woman and a men should be and behave like; that we can no longer be naturally who we are, but instead we pretend to be the best expected or the 'the b*tch' to be chased after. 
'Sooner or later true colors will show' so be proud to take a stand and be who you are and those who judge, let them talk, may they envy your self-appreciation.

I take a stand for all my frustrated friends out there for their lost of hope in relationships but their strong stand for their beliefs in love. 
I shout out for the acceptance of who we are, our standards, our self-respect and preferences; to remind ourselves that no one, is worth even a slight part of your package if he/she is not an option, then why make an opportunity? 

'Maybe some of us simply not meant to be tamed, but meant to run free until we find someone as wild to run with us'

'Midnight at 3000ft'

You may call me a hopeful romantic, but I don't find anything hopeless about believing in love. 
Cynicism is not my thing, I believe those who are eager and passionate to find their other-half; rejoice in satisfaction as they search among and walk on stepping stones.

Because the further you go, the closer you get and love will always await; until the right moment in time comes along and forever is spelled on our hearts and souls.
May the wind blow, where the river flows and love be dressed undisguised; cause in distance through time, souls may find their true selves and love each-other unconditionally.

Love is a word of diverse expressions, that one can only feel and express. 
May we find thy true love and share our achievements and success; and may no man rejoice alone and his happiness be shared with that one true soul, for one will never be forever alone.

'Je sais poete, et toi poesie' <3

Saturday, August 1, 2015

'The 20 Something Generation'

Because the 20's are to figure it out, the 30's to settle in and the 40's to enjoy your success.
Settling in as a 25 year old cosmopolitan woman, in a modern on development country, is not an easy thing to do or say, but it is as fun and good as it gets when you live every transition, as an adventure.
When you welcome change into your life as a positive radical twist, what is to come and go becomes part of who you are and what you will become. 

Live a life of constant transition will make you evolve and emancipate into the men/woman that you desire to be. The only limits and paradigms are set by yourself; the world is on your hands not on your shoulders. Therefore is up to you, to determine your steps to success, because there is nothing in this life that is impossible to achieve. 

I was told once by someone I admire for her early developed success 'there are no limits to being sublime' because you are your own force to be reckoned with. 
So why wait in vain for life to take you where the river flows, simply take a breath of life and follow your intuition, because life is a short but memorable journey of achievements to be remembered.