Monday, September 16, 2013

"Searching for the Golden Oasis"

There is a saying in my country, those who point fingers at each other are pointing three fingers right back to them. As true as this saying might be, we tend to culturally criticize those around us, avoiding the actual reason behind our argument. As most women do, we tend to criticize each other, without realizing that all we criticize, is everything we secretly wish we had.
Consciously or unconsciously, we pick on each other's differences for fun, jealousy or an unfortunate daily habit. So here I wonder, is it that we are not busy enough with our lives, that we have to talk about other's lives, whom we may find an easy target to pick up on? or do we simply do it for the matter of entertainment?
We see, we pick, and then we talk. Is criticism a natural human instinct or an unfortunate cultural habit?
In a small cosmopolitan city like Dubai, the reasons and topics to talk about are endless; the money, the people, the diverse nationalities, and the clash of cultures. Gossip in Dubai becomes an bottomless golden pot of glowing colors and shapes, to curiously pick up on.
In a country where there is constant growth and development, mouth opening daily news, and constant achieved world records; as citizens we eventually become desensitized to the worldwide astonishing news, that land all eyes on Dubai. And due to that, we unfortunately miss out on appreciating those little and big opportunities, that we have had the chance to land our feet upon. When we are no longer looking for the oasis in the desert, because we have satisfied our thirst.
And so when we unfortunately, focus on all that we think is wrong and negative among those around us; instead of staring at those three fingers pointed right back at us, and embrace all that makes us so unique, different and fortunate.
"Those who go around desperate to find the golden oasis, are not running to clear their thirst but to find themselves upon their own reflection"

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Every once in a while, we all take part of the flea market"

Living in a commonly well known part of the world, makes every individual in Dubai feel unique, prestigious and unbelievably lucky. But when the truth comes to light, nothing is as good as it seems.
In the land of opportunities, where the life standards are high, salaries double, housing, life insurance and even sometimes transportation is provided; education, age, gender and nationality is what truly matters when it comes to the job market.
As fortunate as we all may feel, finding a job is as hard as it gets. Unlike any other country, competition is tough, but after all who would not want to come work to one of the most wealthy and prestigious cities in the world? No matter where you come from, what you do, what last name you carry on, or college degree "wasta"(in arabic, who you know) rules the job market desicion. Sadly a true situation, that wether we like it or not, it is universal rule in the job market. So be aware of who you are, how you behave and what you say or do in public, as much as virtually in your Facebook profile.
This days one's reputation is a worldwideweb subject of discussion.
So as Iggy Azalea once said in her song Work, "I am not hating I'm just telling you"; I encourage all those out there, who either struggle looking for a job, or hate their job that they just do for the money; it is never too late to change your mind, do not sit in your own comfort for the monetary benefits and wonder how things could have been done differently, while life just passes right in front of your eyes. Mediocracy is just the easy way out to settle for the better and not the best.
And so get out of your comfort zone, take your leap of faith and look for that one job you would love to live for, and with pleasure you would wake up early every morning, without having to break your alarm on your bedside table.
Necessity is a common human trait, but achieving satisfaction though passion is a life changing experience.