Sunday, October 19, 2014

'Social Communication has Gone Mainstream'

What happened to those good old days, when approaching a girl to say hello and ask for her number was considered OK? Its OFFICIAL, communication has gone mainstream!
This days with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and let's not forget Tinder, communication has become YES easier but can we state for the better?

Let's catfish the truth, I have asked several of my girlfriends and we could all not help but wonder, why is it that guys this days look and don't approach? even when they are clearly showing signs of interests. And then you have apps like Tinder where it is just oh so easy to break the ice with a 'hey baby you look so sexy' kinda line, LOL seriously? lets face it 99% of men wouldn't have the gutts to open a conversation like that face to face. 
So we came to the realization that, besides how easy and simple Social Media this days may facilitate our lives, to the point of determining who will be our next date on the line, it has in so many way's changed the natural, humane and traditional social communication. 
Guys no longer approach but instead they rather swipe right. Apps like Tinder have open a world of unrealistic expectations to both men and woman, who tend to think they have the world on a swipe of their fingers.

For example, ladies have you realized when we go to a bar, a club or even sometimes a restaurant, it's all eyes and faces, gestures but no words, in fact most of the guys are on their phones texting, probably trying to catfish the girl besides them on Tinder. Have we seriously gotten to this point?
And what about the whole pretentious loooong endless conversations, when face to face both men and women turn out to be something else? Gentlemen, it may be easy to lie on a chat room, but you can't lie about you height, accent, nationality and even size for that matter. All that chatty talk, just flushes down the toilet on the very first seconds of our very first impression. Although, I do have to admit some times for the better others for the worst. 

So here is a little tip for all of you single bachelors and bachelorettes out there 'this Tinder syndrome has got to stop' we either learn how to use it, or we might as well call it a sex app, YES you read it. 
Most of us are tired of being treated as tenderloin on a butcher's shop, being judged as easy just because we are on Tinder; FYI it is meant to be a social app to meet people, not to arrange your next one night stand.
So let's to take matters into our own hands, set your standards straight, don't lower your boundaries, believe me if a guy or a girl likes you he or she will move mountains to get to know you.
And no matter how annoying is that little voice inside of you, learn to control it, you are not alone and YES there are plenty of 'fish in the sea' if you don't believe me then just swipe right!

Dedicated to all my single ladies out there, don't despair 'monogamist may have not gone mainstream just yet, but who said is impossible, when the word itself says Im-possible.'

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

'Angels on The Moon'

"Don't wake me 'cause I'm dreaming of angels on the moon, where everyone you know, never leaves too soon."
I dream of you as I am laying, I dream of saying goodbye, and I wonder is this our final and last farewell? Ancious by the feeling of getting away, am I leaving to soon? leaving all behind, our memories, our home, our life. 
I tell myself a new beggining approaches, I can begin to see the silver lining.

"Do you know, that every day's the first, of the rest of our lives?"
Confused I keep reminding myself I dont need to understand, I just need to accept with no regrets, no taking back steps. 
I try to not look behind, as I now know there is someone else, and you seek for a new opportunity. It is you, this new kind of you, who gets to be and try new chances in life; opportunities that may have pass you by, second chances to a new life, a new begining, a new reality.

Five years of my life, packed up in carton boxes, all our memories left behind, who would have though 3 months behind I would have been the one saying goodbye.
I guess trully all good things come to and end, is this the last of our goodbyes?

"You can tell me all your thoughts, about the stars that fill polluted skies and show me where you run to, when no one's left to take your side. But don't tell me where the road ends 'cause I just don't wanna know, no I don't wanna know"

Inspirational Source: Thriving Ivory-Angels On The Moon

"I rather live in a dream than a blurred reality"..

Time stands still, as sweat drips down my neck and I lay down under the AC at 40°.
I cought myself thinking as time suddenly stops and the sleepless city seems so quiet. Its the first days of the coming summer, the heat of the desert melts what is left of my thoughts tonight.
Dare to dream big, love unconditionally and give without expecting, resonates in my head. To live life with regrets, is like living and taking every back step. Got to take each opportunity as if it was the last one and make of each day as if there was no tomorrow. No matter the circumsatances to follow your instinct, listen to your reason and don't silence your heart.

As I sit looking out on my window, I think of you once again, of how much I could have said and done but now it is all gone. 
I have no regrets, no taking back steps.
I now belong to the present and im open to what the future has to offer, because I rather live in my own dream than a blurred reality.

My dream of life and high expectations, where I might be disappointed at times, but at least satisfied that I tried, that I killed the what if? forever.
What if I could have done this, or could have said that, or be who I am not?
Today is today because yesterday was meant to be the way it was, and tomorrow will be another endless day of probabilities. That is life a blurred reality and we live inside our psychedelic dreams.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Three Meters Above The Sky"

Three meters above the sky, no matter how hard you try, you will never feel or live the same moment twice.
We tend to look back in time and wish for those moments that took our breath away in life, to come back to us as clear as our memories. But life itself takes us to where we are today. Life builds us and molds us accordingly to whom we are ment to be and become.
Moments that are born from the heart, gone in split of a second as flashbacks in our minds, memories that become and we wish to live twice. We will learn to love and love again, but it will never be the same kind of love, one that fufills you makes you feel whole, and happiness will be our biggest challenge to pursue in life.

They say live every moment as if it was the last one, appreciate each and every part of your present, and stop looking back and being ancious about the future. It is the present that defines who we are, every moment, decision and our future outcomes.
It is up to you and I, to live the present and make of today a memorable experience.
And so we live and we die, and all that will be remembered is what we gave, who we where and what we did for other's and ourselves. Learn to give, without expecting. Love without boundaries. And learn with hunger to feed your curiosity.

Then you will create remarkable moments that will take you "three meters above the sky", living life without boundaries, experiencing everything that feeds our curiosity, learning from the wise experienced and being who you want to be, careless of anyone's opinion might be. 
"After all there is only one like you, you are unique, you are individual, you are one of a kind". 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Is Dating in Dubai Easier Than Saying Goodbye..?"

An unexpected emancipation was brought upon my life, after more than 4 years in a relationship I've found myself single again, advising other desperate girls not to make the same mistakes.
It is not easy to fall once and get fooled, but fall twice that ain't nice.
Let me tell you, as I started my journey once more as a single lady in the city of lights; I found myself thinking what is it that men really want? that million dollar question. But a particular query when it comes to single bachelors in Dubai.
It seems women are being taken as merchandise over a one night stand Tinder message. So I wondered is it because we have lower our standards or we simply deliver the silver platter too easily? Is it really our fault or are simply all man sport fishing and ignoring the keepers, that eventually end up becoming desperate fish?
Yes, I know they say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but when are there too many, or too much?

Heads up "gentleman" here drops the bomb of truth straight talk, no chaser.
Women are starting to learn to act like a lady and think like a man, don't be surprised after we decided to move forward and suddenly you've realized you've lost the trail of the train.
In a multicultural city like Dubai, both men and woman have the privilege of dating anyone form any age, nationality, religion, language, culture and more.
We are blessed with diversity, but is this really a privilege or a down side of dating?
Many have stated the initial sparks that light up the fire in a relationship, are beyond any other emotion. They say when you meet someone so different it makes you somehow infatuated, you become a fascination to each other at a point that differences is what brings and holds them together. You learn from each other's languages, multicultural differences it becomes a somehow passion of interests. But how far can this go?
Can eventually this differences come in between when it comes to compromise? marriage? children? living together or building up a household? 
It's is not easy neither a piece of cake, to build a household where the language is not even something you both have in common. When it comes to arguments you can't even express that eagerness as clear as you wish you could; because emotions scream inside of you in your own language, but your head is taking it's time to translate. We get lost in translation.
It is simply not that easy, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

We all like to bake our cake and eat it too.
But can some things be more powerful than love, to the point of loving someone ever so deeply, that difference no longer matter, but you simply can't be together? Just because you can't be with that person, does it mean you don't love them anymore? 
God may know the answer to this question, for all I know is that for love, we give it all. Some of us our family, other's our friends, we leave our countries and give our backs to the past. But we never forget who we are, no matter how far we go, we will always be ourselves, even if a small part of us changes for others. At the end of the day, we all are product of the past and the present, in this journey of self-encounter.

So all my single/taken or even married ladies out there, this one is for you.
Always keep in mind it is not that easy to date and find love in the city, but it is easier to keep truth to yourself and never forget who you are, as you give your all for love. 
Be with the one who loves you for who you are, and cherish every aspect of your personality. Embrace your self-awareness, recognize your inner and outer beauty.
Emancipate into the woman you want to be!
BE who YOU want to BE careless of what anyone thinks about!
LIVE life as you want and wish to, no matter how hard or rough the path may get, rock your boat till you get to safe land and remember to learn from every step you take.

"Let your life be history, not just something memorable"

Monday, August 11, 2014

"LIVN The Truth About Tinder in Dubai"

"Don't judge the book by its cover, Tinder does it for you"
I came up with this phrase not long ago, when after four years my life took a rough turn and welcomed me back to the single life. I became a newbie on Tinder.

My expectations where quite amusing at the very beginning, swiping from picture to picture, I realized Tinder is like an endless catalog of men in Dubai. From age rate, worldwide nationalities, and even close distance and common interests, you can find whatever comes to mind that you may be looking for, but only if you get lucky enough to have a nice profile picture for them to like you back. LOL, seriously for some it is beyond despair.

I found it so strange, but lets be honest at some point when you find candy man it becomes quite addictive. And I am sure is the other way around with the lady hunters.
But the truth is after a few weeks, I wondered is this really what I am looking for? Yes, of course I don't mind meeting new prospective guys around Dubai, but is this the right way? Is it fair enough?
Neither girls or guys get a fair chance if they get unlucky enough to have a profile picture with their baby nephews or nieces, cats or dogs, or even a blurry bad angled picture; they are only a finger swipe away, from getting rejected.

Truth be told, I find it so interesting how Tinder it is actually not far from reality, I mean don't get me wrong, we all judge by first impressions at some point right? But then I wonder, what happened to the good old days where men and women would build up a relationship based on common friends, friends of the family, common interests, or simply accidentally bumping each others carts at the supermarket. Have we revolutionized our dating habits? Have we made them easier or simply more complicated? That is the question.

I have tend to notice that sadly, applications like Tinder, Facebook, Instagram have built lives based on a virtual "reality". A reality with filters, hashtags, NOPES, LIKES and even fake profiles, meaning the person on the other side is someone completely different, by all matters of what that may intend. Both men and woman have lost part of their day to day communications skills because of Social Media, instead of saying it they rather Whatsapp it. We no longer speak but we text, we no longer share but we Instagram, and we have gotten to the point to not even bother to put ourselves out there to meet the right person, but instead judge by first impressions on Tinder.
We have lost a big part of the natural human touch and social reality.

Mistake #1: Taking the shortest way to get to the end.
"In life nothing good comes easily"
So truth to be told, unless you have a thick skin and you are willing to meet through Tinder, anyone who 99% of the time may have the wrong intention towards you, because they find you SX attractive, be my guest. After all you never know you may actually make good Tinder friends, hopefully without benefits, LOL.

I conclude my debate by saying, Tinder is a great social tool in Dubai, in fact some would even refer to it as a jewel to social and dating success; as long as the typical one night-stand app stereotype, is not mislead then good relationships can actually be built out of two complete strangers, who you never know at the end of the day may end up more than liking each other.

Friday, July 11, 2014

'What Do Men Want'

Throughout years in history, men have asked themselves "what do women want?"
They say women are from Venus and men are from Mars, but in a country where men have the world on their hands and the pressure to succeed on their shoulders, have women become like a successfull buissness deal or a bad buissness partner?
We have lost the essense of a relationship and its pourpose because of the need to fufill all those certain conditions of societal status.
Relationships have become like the perfect Facebook status, with the best impression of love and affection when there is non of it at all, or it is simply 'complicated'?
It is sad to realize that a high % of the relationships in the UAE are unhappy, because of the lack of basic mutual fufillments, cultural clash or simply disatisfaction for what lies beneath their eyes.
"You can always get better" thats what they say, main reason why both men and woman can never be satisfied with what lies within their eyes. 

Having a companion has become like a job opportunity, where you are constantly thinking of what is next to come, that checks all the boxes on your checklist.
I am not sure if this is a problem in the country or simply a generational problem worldwide.
But for all I know, is what women want is to go back to basics. To be embraced, appreciated, respected and remember sometimes getting what you want is not always only a matter of luck, but hard work and determination. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

"The Female Transcendence"

I would like to to dedicate this to my mother, who gave me life, raised me and made me the empowered woman that I am today. You have guide me to find my life self-determination.
I hope one day, I get to be at least half of the woman that you are today.

I once heard... women are meant to procreate, give birth, raise children, attend their husband and maintain a household. Education, a career and a profession are all secondary options on the silver tray. NO, this is not today or the future to transcend.

LIVN in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has given me the privilege to become who I want to be, to dream and aspire beyond my imagination, and to challenge myself to try beyond my limitations.
Today I have the privilege, to be among other women a self-determined believer. A female who acts beyond words, and proves wrong those who disbelief in my own capabilities.

Being in the Arab world, has open my eyes to decades of social change, where women are no longer oppressed of self-expression, education, profession and much more, to certain degree; everything that makes us so outstanding, and at the same time so similar to the opposite sex.
Call me a feminist if that is what you want, the typical misconception of women against men.
Well that would be incorrect, as I believe without men, the existence of women would never be as complete; men complement women in all ways and matters of characteristics, and traits that we lack as individuals, and men rejoice by nature.

I stand for the equality among genders; as we all are as human, as intelligent and as physically and mentally capable human beings. So we deserve to be treated as such.

"Our differences are only visually appealing to those who try to stand out among the rest of us."

Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Momentary Perspectives"

Perspectives, that is really all there is in this life.

No matter where you go, no matter what you do, neither positive of negative your perspective towards life, is really what keeps us moving forward.

Life is just like looking through a glass bottle or a rare view mirror, is what you choose to see what defines your moment.
Circumstances just come and go, but those moments that we choose to remember, we treasure and become forever memorable.
Life after all when you look back at it is just a fragment in time, a collection of memories, flashbacks and times that we wish we could remember better.
We all relate and coincide when looking back, we wish we could have done some things differently; if we could only choose to do so in the moment and we wouldn't doubt own capabilities.

As John Lennon once said "imagine all the people, living for today", life would be so different our perspectives would change; if we simply wouldn't take every day for granted and think there is always a tomorrow. Why when we still live for today?

"You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one" a motto we all seem to forget sometimes in life. If we could only remember not to forget, life is too short to stay comfortable, change is in our hands, is up to us to choose our momentary perspectives. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

To Buy or to Rent that Louis, that Gucci, that Prada..?

To buy or to rent, that is the question.

Weather it is your Prada, Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli or your own shared apartment, studio, or even villa, when it comes to retail you buy you don't rent.   
But in a destination like Dubai, better known as the city of lights and global empire of opportunities; a place of constant change and transitional development, whereas one may come with the plan of staying for just a couple of months or years and double your earnings. Next thing you know you have brought you entire extent family to move out here.
So, when it comes to paying your rent there may be several factors that come in mind in terms of  size, rooms, location, nearby transportation, recreational areas, etc. But when it comes to creating a long-term investment, buying your own property is without a doubt the best decision you could ever make.
As Dubai’s economy is in constant growth so is its landscape, and the more the merrier. This means more jobs, more allocations needed and a higher rent and personal income. 
So furthermore, as skyscrapers keep going higher and villas are built bigger; as the Burj Khalifa the sky is the limit when it comes to finding the appropriate property that suites your personal requirements better.
Picture yourself living in a man made island shaped like a palm tree, or in front of the world’s largest tower, mall and fountain; or how about the sea view of the Arabian gulf and the world’s only seven start hotel. There is no doubt Dubai has got it all and more beyond your imagination.
Investing in a Dubai property, is beyond comparison not only an investment in your future but the future of your generations.

Just like that Louis, that Gucci and that Prada the older the better, Vintage has always a higher value, invest on your future generations.