Sunday, March 19, 2017

'Somebody That I Used to Know'

When every lyric of every song speaks about you, when every step I take reminds me of you, in the end all I know: is I am bruised but not broken, cause I am no longer part of you. 

Thank you for showing me how much you cared, for demonstrating how vain and selfish you where. I hope you find a happier satisfied loneliness, cause non of this was worth in despair.

When you painted the world with pink and rainbows and I beloved every word you said; you brought me back to reality.
Thank you I'm no longer naive and a believer of contempt happiness.

When I love you was just a word you said.
I hear no longer words in vain.

Maybe I was foolish, maybe I was blind but in the end it's you who is left behind.
The one to loose, the unknown but yet so familiar you.

In a parallel universe our worlds collide and it makes me wonder where were you all this time?  Infatuated or two fools in time? A stranger in disguise.

A short tale, a love story untold.

The wonders of our worlds once together, maybe not in the right moment but in the perfect time of a story now left behind.