Saturday, September 24, 2016

'The LableLESS Status'

After multiple cocktails, coffee breaks and conversations with friends about dating on the digital era of today; I have come to the conclusion, that not only are spoiled by choice, but also we have become so picky and selfish, to want not only one but the whole buffet on our silver plater. 

I once was told 'I believe in love, loyalty and engagement...but I don't believe in labels' and I have never been more puzzled by such a statement. In a screwed up generation where we no longer have the basics of dating, due to swiping left or right; both men and women have become terrified of compromise. 

Women struggle by the day to stick to their standards of who they are, what they want and what they are looking for in a significant other. The transitioning 20 year old within us, struggles to move forward as we face 'teenage/men' experiences of guys trying to figure themselves out.

We all live in a constantly transitioning life, where we need to figure our paths as adults, until we get to that point of stating 'I have got my shit together' and at the end isn't that what life is all about?

I must state, it is unfortunate in a concrete jungle like to Dubai, a place of endless possibilities, countless opportunities and a whole new world to figure out; dating, finding love or a significant other is such a struggle due to the multiple options of choice.
Sex has become not only a matter to conquer, but an expected outcome after the first date. 
Have we really come to this point?

A friend of mine once told me, we are like cave men, the animal within us will always hunt for the final outcome, regardless of how much it takes us to get there. 
So in the end is it really just a game of thrones? who has the upper hand, who is down below?

I believe regardless of the physical hunger, one must stick to who we are, what we think, where we stand and that +1 must either embrace, reciprocate or let go.
Meeting each other half way is a mutual statement of compromise.
As stated by the words of Elizabeth Gilbert "embrace the glorious mess that you are" cause in the end, YOU are the only one to live your life.