Saturday, April 16, 2016

'When you Act Like a Lady and Think Like a Man'

Like Marilyn Monroe once said 'women who seek to be equal with men, lack ambition'.
Living on the 21st century in a modern world or equality, opportunity and even higher success for women compared to men, we still face the so called 'Gender Inequality'.
From cultures around the world to 1 or 2 generations behind, we still look at women as inferior to men; and when I am referring to this is not only career wise, also intellectual and even sexuality.

In a country like the UAE, where dating is as frequent as your morning cup of tea, I have seen and experience myself, going on a date is as easy as just a swipe right on Tinder or Happn. 
And I am sure most of you reading this, can relate to that, am I right?

When it comes to dating on this virtual world of technology, easy access and instant communication, both men and women have the same opportunity to find that significant other in just a swipe of a finger. But it is the first approach that justifies your intentions and most of the times mixed signals can be miss-read, either for fear of compromise or putting up your shield to avoid getting hurt.

But who am I to judge, we have all been there and done that, from the ladies wearing the pants, to the men taking them off, LOL.
I can't help but wonder, where do we draw the line? Do we all get to a point of being terrified of compromise, because we have still not tried it all? What more is out there? Would we miss out if we get hitched or perhaps miss out if we don't? What if that significant other turns out to be someone else? We all show our true colors eventually and our past defines our present and future.

After asking myself all this questions, it all came to one conclusion: 
We are who we accept others to be, therefore we change according to other's expectations. But there are those who stand out, who grow a back bone and stand up for who they are, regardless of other's opinion. And those who do so, are able to understand and put themselves in someone else's shoes.

Which has lead me, to becoming an independent woman with a voice, a clear opinion and high awareness of my self-worth. I have learned throughout my 6 years in Dubai, who to grow a pair of my own and 'Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man'.
And I have to  thank every ex-boyfriend, ex-hookup, best friends and friend of friends, every experience, every conversation and every lesson learned, has lead me to this one moment of 'Nirvana'.

Thank you, this one is dedicated to all of you, for being part of my wandering 'Odyssey': "A long wandering voyage marked by my many changes of fortune".

Monday, April 4, 2016

'This is a Man's World'

In the words of James Brown:
"This is a man's world, but it would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl"

After long conversations over coffee, wine and cocktails I can't help but wonder why do we seem to be and feel so lost in a world where we coexist but collide at the same time?

Both men and woman are as puzzle and as lost about what we want out of relationships.
So I bring to the table the question: If in the 21st century, this may be considered a man's world why can't men wear the dresses when woman can wear the pants?
Like it or not, it will never be of who over takes and has the upper hand, at the end of the day it is about meeting each other half way and that ladies and gentleman, is the question to mingle upon.

I constantly face close friends and friends of friends, wonder upon why he says this, when I do that? or why she acts like this, when I thought she wanted that? 
In ONE word EGO.
In a world where overpowering each other over work, intellectual, love, wisdom we have come to a point of misunderstanding, where instead of appreciating each other's differences and mysteries; people tend to close up and defend in battle, instead of opening up to the unknown and exploring each other in all sense of that matter. 

I believe we are and we come as diverse individuals and there is a reason not a single one of us is or will ever be the same. Therefore, embracing our differences, complementing what we have and we can't have, will always make us as one, as a whole on itself.
Relationships are for learning, growing and getting to know that significant other with the end of growing together as one. 

People tend to believe in the intensity of being and living for who they are; as others hide in the shadows afraid to be hurt, to show their true colors, for rejection, for self acceptance and sadly and most important for 'social prejudice'.
Therefore I go back once again, to the authenticity of one's self worth.

'A woman/men who is unapolagetically 'themselves', is a woman/man comfortable in their perfect imperfection, born in their OWN skin'.

BE yourself, BE authentic, FUCK prejudice at the end this IS a man's and woman's world.