Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Eid Mubarak"

A traditional Muslim greeting, "Eid" refers to the occasion itself and "Mubarak" meaning blessed.
Today 8th of August 2013, is commemorated as the last day of the Holly month of Ramadan, a Muslim traditional time of fasting, to be reminded of the importance and great value of our daily blessings, that sometimes we can take for granted; such as the roof in our heads, food, clothing and more, that many may not have the chance to enjoy.
But to the eyes of others, this might seem slightly different.
In a Muslim country like the United Arab Emirates, as an expatriate regardless of your religious beliefs, one should respect muslim traditions and sociopolitical laws. Such as respecting the time of fasting, one should not drink or eat in public, until the sun has set and the time of fasting is over.
For some this might seem a very controversial topic, some argue that Muslim cultural religious laws are being forced upon them, when one has to respect such laws and regulations. And for others it seems to be a situation of laughter, when they all share their stories of starving and dying of thirst while they spent the day outside, having to pick up fast food and hide inside their car, while they devour in minutes their Big Macs.
But I have to agree to disagree with them.
I believe that we should all have a time of reflection in our lives where the essentials and necessary don't need to be taken away, but simply shared. Where fasting doesn't have to be a time to suffer starvation, but a time to understand unfortunate others, and do something about it; not only during a given time, but on every chance that we may have to do so.
Every day should be a day where we can give, be grateful for what we have and share.
And so I close with a phrase of my own, "don't give to remember what you have, don't remember till you notice have too much, but simply live everyday grateful and share with all those who surround you the abundance of love, happiness and appreciation of life".