Wednesday, November 1, 2017

'A Dubai Love Anecdote'

As Helen Fisher, leading expert on the biology of love and attraction, once said:

"Love is enough, is deeply embedded in the brain. Our challenge is to understand each other".

I found myself intrigued on a Wednesday evening with the thought of how do we choose who we love? The thought of why him? why her?
What ticks on our brain that makes us take this acertative decision?

We are often thought that 'LOVE is a battlefield' or 'you can't choose who you love', when it is a matter of a mutual understanding.

It is not about how much we have in common, but more of how much time we are willing to invest to get involved with each other and grow together as one.

I often see the unfortunate lost oportunities of young adults in Dubai, who struggle to find somone to love, or at least share a wothy invested 'good time', and by that I mean not just for the sake of having FUN.

We come from a generation from the '90's baby boomers' who are:

*the risk-takers who like the idea of change
*they like to be regarded as individuals;
*they place a higher priority on experiences over possessions;
*they place a higher priority on fun over duty;
*they are searching for balance in life
*and they want TO HAVE IT ALL

The reason why I capitalize the last particular characteristic, is cause unfortunately this is what drives 'risk takers' to the idea of why settle for one, if I can have them all?
And THIS unfortunately leads to the disbelief of Monogamy.

We are a generation who’s parents used to get married and have their first child by their mid 20s, and now some of us reach their 30s doubting if that moment will ever come.

So this is the point where we question, what about you? me? and the one's around us?
We can't point fingers at each other, that will only lead to an endless circle of doubt.

It is all about 'perspective', starting from your own and where do we go from here?

The who, what and why? It all starts with yourself.
How satisfied are you at this point of your life to be ready to share that happiness with somebody else. You got to ask yourself are you going to be someone to add on to another person's life, or just another burden to deal with?

It is all about the right timing. 
When you find yourself in that moment of self gratification, anything or anyone who comes along will only be and add on to your life.
And no one or anything, should take that inner burst of satisfaction away.

In other words, stay true to yourself and let those around you absorb from your energy.